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Cool Tools VII AM Flip Session

Page history last edited by Karen McMillan 11 years, 10 months ago


EBCUE Cool Tools VII 

Flip for the Cool HD Video: Beginning Flip HD Camera





Need Help? We're here for you: 

Stephen Politzer thetechdog@gmail.com

Karen McMillan ctkmcmillan@gmail.com



(5 minutes) STEPHEN / KAREN


>> SRS question 1


CUE Partnership

(5 minutes) STEPHEN

Display CUE Website  and Benefits



Getting Started with your Flip Video Camera

(20 minutes) KAREN / Stephen

  1. Out of the box
  2. Batteries
  3. Set-up preferences
  4. Buttons - record, replay, trash
  5. Cable - connecting to TV


>> SRS question 2


Tips for Video Recording

(10 minutes) STEPHEN / Karen


General Tips

Excellent Summary of Shooting Tips

1. Keep it steady

2. Pan slowly.

3. Use digital zoom sparingly; physically moving is better.

4. Use a tripod when available.

5. Microphone is on the camera, stay close to main sound source.

6. Be conscious of background noise.

7. Keep sunlight at the shooter's back; avoid backlight.

8. Use more than one artificial light source.


Framing Shots 

Excellent Summary of Framing Shots

1. Wide angle shots show everything and nothing in particular.

2. Medium and close up lose the background but reveal emotion. 

3. Low angle is looking up at subject like a "hero shot." 

4. High angle is looking down and makes subject look small. 

5. Observe the rule of thirds. 

6. Lead action and movement with open space. 



Interview a Neighbor Activity

(15 minutes) KAREN / Stephen


Video Introductions

Find your matching number card partner:

1. Switch cameras 

2. Set up the shot - facing each other

3. Capture it in 2-3 clips. In your clips, be sure to include some of the following at least once:

- One wide or medium angle shot

- One close up shot 

- Zoom in or move closer

- Pan or action shot

- Bonus shots: low angle, high angle

- Have fun and be creative. 

 4. Take turns, start recording and ask:  

- What is your name? 

- What do you do at school/work? 

- Two truths and a lie about yourself 

5. Stop recording 

6. Replay in the camera 

7. If you don't like what you just captured (and you have time) delete the clip and re-take.


Team Up and Share Out

1. Teams of two find another team.

2. Share your videos, playback in the camera.


>> SRS question 3


View on Television

(10 minutes) STEPHEN / Karen

Composite video vs. HDMI


>> SRS question 4


Why Storyboard?

(AFI Video on Storyboarding, jump to 2:30)

 (15 minutes) KAREN / Stephen


•    allow you to brainstorm ideas

•    help you to visualize the finished product

•    help you to efficiently plan your ideas 

•    cut down on editing time

•    help you plan for camera shots


Storyboards should include notes about:

    • Your intended audience and message
    • Setting
    • Camera directions (wide-angle, close-up, etc.)
    • Dialogue/Script
    • Timing
    • Materials



>> SRS question 5


Editing Software 

(30 minutes) STEPHEN / Karen

1. Overview

2. Installing and opening the software

3. Built-in help

4. Save videos to computer

5. Trim video (trim beginning and/or end of individual video in edit mode, save with new name)

6. Create movie (combine clips with titles and music)

Magic Movie

Full Length

7. Snapshot (export still image from a video)


More Video in the Classroom

(10 minutes) KAREN / Stephen


Explore these ideas: 

1.43 Ways to Use Flip in Class  - great slide show - takes a few seconds to load.

2. Professional Common Craft video explanation with paper - Example, Student Examples 

3. Stick Puppet Videos - Example 1Example 2 - storyboardvideo

4. Scavenger Hunts - Example 1Example 2


More Resources

          ideo2.html - The National Teacher Training Institute on using video effectively    

          http://www.kqed.org/assets/pdf/arts/programs/spark/video.pdf - PDF by KQED with strategies for using video, pages 1-4

Classroom Connections

(5 minutes) STEPHEN / Karen

1. Classroom Connections page
2. Discussion - Additional Ideas



Packing up/Final discussion/Evaluations

(10 minutes)  STEPHEN / KAREN


>> SRS question 6










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