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Introductory Interview Activity

(15 minutes)


Video Introductions: 

          In your table groups

1. Set up the shot

2. Capture it in one clip. In your clip, consider including some of the following techniques:

- One wide or medium angle shot

- One close up shot 

- Zoom in or move closer

- Pan or action shot

- Bonus shots: low angle, high angle

- Have fun and be creative. 

 3. Take turns, start recording and ask:  

- What is your name? 

- What do you do at school/work? 

                    - What do you hope to get out of today's session?

4. Stop recording 

5. Replay in the camera 

6. If you don't like what you just captured (and you have time) delete the clip and re-take.


Sample Interview Activities


Preparing For the Interview

(30 minutes)


     1. Evolve your questions:

    • Front Door Questions - These questions get you into the conversation

"What were you doing when you were our age?" . . .

    • Hallway Questions - Get you deeper into the conversation

Ask the interviewee a question about something they have said that really jumped out at you and you relate it back to yourself

This is hard to prepare in advance - requires you listen to the interviewee

    • Basement  Questions - Brings you to the purpose of the interview - ask what you really want to know

     2. Respect the interviewee's time

     3. Ask a final closing question


Interview Prep - Activity

  1. In your interview group - download the Interview Questions pdf.
  2. Write down some sample Front Door and Basement questions that you want to ask that will help you to discover the true person that you are interviewing.
  3. Take turns being the interviewer and the interviewee.

Activity - Video Interviewing Techniques

(10 minutes)


Tips to Consider (video link)

1. Camera height

2. Tripod 

3. Avoid profiles

4. Avoid interviewee looking into camera directly

5. Rule of thirds

6. Avoid wide shots

7. Consider close-ups to show emotion

Conduct Interview

(30 minutes)

  1. Conduct the Interview keeping in mind the following:
    • If you have more than one video camera, place one where you can see the interviewee's face, another to capture both the interviewers and interviewee.
    • If you only have one camera, use the video techniques mentioned above.
    • Start the video rolling BEFORE you sit down to interview 

Editing Your Video  


Editing Software - hands-on

(45 minutes)

1. Overview

2. Installing and opening the software

3. Built-in help

4. Save videos to computer

5. Trim video (trim beginning and/or end of individual video in edit mode, save with new name)

6. Create movie (combine clips with titles and music)

7. Snapshot (export still image from a video)

Additional Interview Resources

     Flip Video Resources from the Flipspotlight channel on You Tube

Preproducing Your Video - Purpose of the video, shot list, interview - including main point, multiple cameras, tripod, video releases

Shooting Your Video - Create intro, capture shot list, introduce clips while filming, conclusion

Editing Your Video in FlipShare - Import clips into computer from camera, label clips, create folders, trim clips, create your movie


     Resources from Vimeo

          Framing and Composition

          Shooting Basics



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