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Book Talk

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Activity - Create a Book Talk/Book Trailer


Example from University of Central Florida Digital Book Talk site.   



Video Preproduction (20 minutes)


  1. Select a book.
  2. You will film each other talking about your book. 
  3. Decide if you will only film the reader or if you will include pages from the book. Keep it simple.
  4. Storyboard shots and write a script. 3 Frame Storyboard
  5. Collect props if needed and select your filming location. 
  6. Practice.


Script Suggestion


  1. Hook your audience,
  2. Intro the main characters and their struggles or goals,
  3. Show an important scene early on in the book,
  4. Show a potential antagonist, 
  5. Decide on a closing scene - don't give too much of the story away.



Tips to Consider


  1. Location - If you are filming outside, watch shadows and back lighting.
  2. Tripod - a tripod may be useful for keeping your camera steady.
  3. Framing - remember your rule of thirds, camera angles and height of camera. 


Video Production (20 minutes)


  1. Try to minimize editing by filming in just a couple shots.
  2. Don't forget to use some interesting shots.
  3. Have fun! 


Additional Book Talk Resources & Examples


  • Great article from ASCD about Book Talks
  • Digital Booktalk - This resource is out of the University of Central Florida has good student samples.
  • This website supports a Booktalk contest in Minnesota. You can mine some good resources if you scroll down.





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