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Vocabulary Theater

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Guess My Word -

Storyboard and shoot video to demonstrate an abstract vocabulary word.


Example by William & Joah Siegel, and Adrienne DeWolfe    



Video Preproduction (20 minutes)

  1. You and your partner select a vocabulary word - Vocabulary Word List
  2. Storyboard 3 shots and write a brief script if needed. 
  3. Collect props if needed and select your filming location. 
  4. Practice.


Tips to Consider

  1. Location - If you are filming outside, watch shadows and back lighting.
  2. Tripod - a tripod may be useful for keeping your camera steady.
  3. Framing - remember your rule of thirds and camera angles. 


Video Production (20 minutes)

  1. Try to minimize editing by filming in just a couple shots. 
  2. Don't forget to use some interesting shots. 
  3. Have fun! 


Additional Vocabulary Theater Resources & Examples






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