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Paper Sliding

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Activity - Paper Sliding/"Paperworks" style (40 minutes)

     Brainchild of  Common Craft Video Production


Example by Jennifer Nicholson. 


Make a Video on One of the Following

    • How I want to use the Flip Video in my class
    • Video tips on how to capture a great interview
    • Tips for creating a better video
    • Use your imagination as long as you can use the props we've provided 


Video Preproduction (25 minutes)


  1. Make a quick storyboard of your video.

  2. Use this template to write your script. Keep your script no longer than 1-2 minutes. 

  3. Cut out your props and selectively add a little color or bold lines.

  4. Set up your shooting area by taping down background paper and finding placement for camera.

  5. Practice reading your script with expression and rehearse your paper moves


Tips to Consider

  1. Camera height - suspend camera from something over the table if possible and shoot down at the table.
  2. Tripod - a gripping tripod may be useful for suspending the camera.
  3. Framing - avoid getting the edges outside of your background paper as it looks tacky. 
  4. Practice, practice, practice - Script should be read with expression, movements of props/paper should be smooth without delays.
  5. Artwork - clean, simple artwork with bold black outlines and selective use of color can make or break your final product.
  6. Shadows - watch for shadows and consider using an extra light source. Check out this CommonCraft Blog entry with pictures of their video studio and use four halogen lights!
  7. See CommonCraft Blog entry with shots of Lee Lefever's work for more tips and background Info (awesome resource). 


Video Production (15 minutes)


  1. Try to minimize editing by filming in just a couple shots.
  2. Have fun! 


Additional Paperworks Resources & Examples




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