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Scavenger Hunt

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Environment Alphabet Scavenger Hunt


Your mission is to pick a theme. It can be your school mascot, your name, or your school. You decide. Take a look around your environment and find all the letters to complete your word(s).  Video them.  Get creative and think outside the box.  You have 30 minutes – find as many as you can!


Bonus points are given if you find multiple letters within the same shape!


See Example

Shapes and Angles Scavenger Hunt


Your mission is to discover the wide variety of triangles that surround you.  Find and explain why you determined the triangles are the following: 

acute triangles          equilateral triangles

right triangles            isosceles triangles

obtuse triangles        scalene triangle


Bonus points are given if you find multiple triangles in the same shape!


Definition of Types of Triangles

Tips to Consider

  1. Location - If you are filming outside, watch shadows and back lighting.
  2. Tripod - a tripod may be useful for keeping your camera steady.
  3. Framing - remember your rule of thirds and camera angles. 

Below are some traditional and video examples of scavenger hunts.  You can adapt any of them to include the video component.


Web Resources

Math and Language Arts Scavenger Hunts

High School Using Geocached QR Codes for Revision

Middle School History

Effingham County Schools: Algebra Awareness Scavenger Hunt:
Central School District: Orchard Park Middle School: Geometry Scavenger Hunt:
University of Houston: Graphing Calculator Scavenger Hunt:
Shelby County Schools: Math Scavenger Hunt:
Atlanta Journal-Constitution in Education: Math Scavenger Hunt
The Teacher's Desk: Math Scavenger Hunt


Video Examples

Chicago from A to Z - You can take this video idea and use it with your students of any age!

Nature's Alphabet Hunt Video - This video is a bit long.  2minutes 40 seconds in she starts to find letters.

AP Biology Scavenger Hunt Video - everybody in the class had to make a slideshow of the images they found from the list. The catch was that you (or your partner) HAD to be in EVERY picture--basically no photoshopping allowed


How to Create a Modern Scavenger Hunt  - this is a great idea starter for middle and high school teachers to help them create their own tech enhanced scavenger hunt.


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