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Ad for AVID

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Flip, Shoot, Share!





Get great ideas on how to use the Flip in your classroom!


Need Help? We're here for you:




(5 minutes) EILEEN / ADRIENNE 


Sample Ad - Interviews



Getting Started with your Flip Video Camera/Exploration

(5 minutes) EILEEN / Adrienne

  1. Out of the box
  2. Batteries
  3. Set-up preferences
  4. Buttons - record, replay, trash


AVID Is Activity... Handout with directions

(20 minutes) ADRIENNE/Eileen

  1. Group brainstorm with sentence starters.
  2. Download PPT file. (AVID is...AVID means...    With AVID...Without AVID)
  3. Edit text for opening and closing to your video.
  4. Save as images. 


Tips for Video Recording

(20 minutes) ADRIENNE / Eileen


General Tips - Shooting Tips

Follow along with your camera.


1. Keep it steady. 

2. Pan slowly.

3. Use digital zoom sparingly; physically moving is better.

4. Use a tripod when available.

5. Microphone is on the camera, stay close to main sound source.

6. Be conscious of background noise.

7. Keep sunlight at the shooter's back; avoid backlight.

8. Use more than one artificial light source.


Framing Shots

See this Summary of Framing Shots


1. Wide angle shots show everything and nothing in particular.

2. Medium and close up lose the background but reveal emotion. 

3. Low angle is looking up at subject like a "hero shot." 

4. High angle is looking down and makes subject look small. 

5. Observe the rule of thirds. 

6. Lead action and movement with open space.



Video Techniques      (Install flip software during video)

          1. Camera height

          2. Tripod 

          3. Avoid profiles

          4. Avoid interviewee looking into camera directly

          5. Rule of thirds

          6. Avoid wide shots

          7. Consider close-ups to show emotion


Sample Ad - Rap


Sample Ad - Paper Works

     Sample Ad Storyboard


 (5 minutes) ADRIENNE / Eileen

Install flip software


Why Storyboard?


  • allow you to brainstorm ideas
  • help you to visualize the finished product
  • help you to efficiently plan your ideas
  • cut down on editing time
  • help you plan for camera shots


Storyboards should include notes about:

    • Your intended audience and message
    • Setting
    • Camera directions (wide-angle, close-up, etc.)
    • Dialogue/Script
    • Timing
    • Materials



Introduce Paper Works

(5 minutes) ADRIENNE/Eileen


(65 minutes) ADRIENNE/EILEEN

  1. Decide what you are going to create for your Ad - either Paperworks or Rap.
  2. If Paperworks, see more info here.  
  3. Storyboard and script your video. (45 mins.)
  4. Film your video. (20 mins.)
  5. Connect camera to computer to download footage.  


BREAK (Make sure to have video footage loading BEFORE you break.)


Editing Software - hands-on

(35 minutes) EILEEN/Adrienne


     1. Overview/Demo

  • Built-in help

  • Import ppt slides. 

  • Demo snapshots (export still image from a video) 

  • Create a magic movie with PPT images.

      Now you do it!


     2. Demo Trimming

  • Trim video (trim beginning and/or end of individual video in edit mode, save with new name) 

      Now you do it!  


     3. Demo Movie

  • Create movie (clips with titles and music)

    • Video clips to movie. 

      Now you do it! 


     4. Demo Combining Movies

  • Combine movies. 

  • Finalize your video. 

     Now you do it!  

Uploading Video

(10 minutes) ADRIENNE/Eileen   


     Hosting Sites

Vimeo - Free, 500 MB of storage every week, supports most file formats and High Definition (only one HD upload per week), web or desktop uploader, privacy settings. See an example.

Blip TV - Free, 1 gig per video upload, supports most file formats and High Definition, web or desktop uploader. Not meant as a one-off hosting site; no privacy settings with Free version. Distinct URL, http://dewolfe.blip.tv/See anexample.

Dropbox - Free. Not a video hosting site, but an online storage space. 2gb of space; useful for your students to send you their videos.  



Now Upload Yours!



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